Friday, March 11, 2016

Spare Me

The statement that Clinton took 57% of the Democratic vote in Michigan is circulating through social media like an invalidation of Bernie's victory. Clinton quoted that stat on Maddow's show last night, and I have decided to make a statement. Let me try to be assertive, who the fuck cares. The Democratic and Republican Parties are two minority groups within the American electorate. Independents out number them. I heard some tool on cable the other day say, "Well, you can't really say that because there are Democratic and Republican leaning Independents." Hey genus, we lean Democratic but are not part of the party because we subscribe to Democratic principles - most of which have been abandoned by the party, by the way - but hate the bloody establishment. Capisce? If you get nothing else out of Bernie's run for president, get this - we have had it with the likes of Debbie Wassermann Schultz, the party machine and the presumptions of entitlement to power that it propagates. We are done, so don't take our vote for granted. Don't try to blackmail us into following blindly or agreeing submissively. Those days are gone. Jonathan Alter was on Lawrence O'Donnell's program last night opining that Bernie Sander's supporters will be responsible for a Trump victory. As I Tweeted him, don't threaten Bernie's people with Trump. The media has made a fortune promoting that monster for the sake of its ratings. I refuse to take moral instruction from moral invalids, in the media, in the government or in either of the two parties. Hillary Rodham Clinton does not have now, nor has she ever had, the right to assume the mantel of the presidency based upon who she or the Democratic establishment think she is; if she wants my vote she can achieve it. Misrepresenting Bernie's positions, invalidating Independent voters and blaming his supporters for the malignancy that is the Republican Party and the tumor it has sprouted, aided and abetted by what is laughing referred to as the free press, won't get the job done. Have a real nice day.

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