Monday, January 10, 2011

A Message of Peace

In the wake of the monstrous events in Arizona Dr. Deepak Chopra has just been on Dylan Ratigan's program. He asks that each of us get on our social network(s) and leave a message of peace. There is a meadow in my heart where the hills roll away in greens, terra cottas and majestic blues. Wildflowers and roses cluster near a tiny tinkling stream. Sun moves in reds and golds toward her rest. Moon rises in silver splendor. In this meadow where the scent of rose flows like honey I sit with the Goddess and listen to the sweet song of the Fairy children on the side of the hills. This is peace to me and I wish each of my friends a place in this meadow. I wish the haters, the violent and the sick a chance to glimpse this meadow.
Goddess bless you all.

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