Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to Your Gestalt

The word Gestalt is German in origin. It refers to a concept of wholeness. The wholeness of a life or the wholeness of a family. In examining the wholeness of our society including its discourse and extremes one has to take into consideration the fact that as the monstrous events in Tucson are part of the Gestalt, so is the shooter and so is the culture of well sanctioned gun violence exhibited by people like Sarah Palin. Just because Loughner did not rage into the Safeway parking lot with a Sarah Palin tee-shirt on it doesn’t follow that he wasn’t directly or indirectly influenced by the far Right’s extremists and incendiary rhetoric - some level of cross contamination is obvious.

Today in order to extricate herself from public scrutiny Palin chose to invoke a horror that can be traced back to antiquity, Greco-Egyptian times specifically. Blood libeling is a false accusation leveled against religious minorities, usually Jews, asserting that children are murdered in order to use their blood in Jewish rituals. This accusation is insane, born of ignorance, born of stupidity it is not mitigating. Once again Sarah Palin is engaged in using blind, over the top and brutal accusations to accuse people she has no right to accuse. Thus allowing her to continue her program of malice and fear mongering toward anyone who dares question or oppose her. In my opinion this is why it is reasonable to assume that the negative and vicious influence this woman asserts on the whole of this society might be a contributing factor in Loughner’s deadly rampage.

Palin is the essence of our Gestalt right now, the mistress of our nightmare. It is time for public opinion to silence her.

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