Friday, January 27, 2012


I was listening to a talk show the other night – Real Time, I believe – when some anemic little shit from the Right informed Bernie Sanders that Social Security must be reformed because he doesn’t want to pay Bernie’s bills. No one bothered to ask him if he knew who had paid his grandfather’s bills – that would be Bernie and me. I don’t expect this trash to understand the nature of a social contract, however, this persistent condemning of people my age and older, retiring and retired, as thieves and leaches deserves a rejoinder. I am more than willing to take the Social Security that I earned in one lump sum. However, I demand interest be paid on that sum for the last 42 years at current credit card rates. I insist upon parity with the most proficient thieves and leaches in this country – the banks. Further, like the aristocrats of thieves and leaches the superrich, I don’t expect to pay taxes ever. I am certain many millions of us would be willing to take this deal causing the current deficit to explode astronomically in less time than it takes to say Ronald Reagan. Then these tight fisted, mean spirited, greedy Neanderthals are invited to shove that deficit and the empty shell of Social Security right up their ass to rest next to the sludge that is their brain.

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