Thursday, February 2, 2012


It is time that we begin to reframe the argument around abortion. Heretofore, the dispute has been laid out as a struggle between two cultural and diametrically opposed camps. The veneer is gradually slipping away as the nation considers the rise of Karen Handle – failed gubernatorial candidate from Georgia and pro-life Christian – to the board of Susan G. Komen. This seems to have signaled an auspicious moment for the far Right to deal another vicious and dangerous body blow to Planned Parenthood and the thousands of poor women for whom they provide health care. Apparently, there is no hard proof that Handle was responsible for pulling Komen’s support. Just as there is no proof that God exists, still many believe He does.

It is my Constitutionally protected opinion that once again the long arm of the Fundamentalist Right has over-reached out of its box and into the daily lives of other people. Once again in the name of the loving, compassionate and tolerant Christ, they have seen fit to blackmail this society into accepting their “values” by holding the health care of the most vulnerable for ransom. There is a word for this – extortion.

When my Italian ancestors engaged in this behavior back in the 40’s and 50’s, iron was clamped on their wrists and ankles. J. Edgar’s boys lead them away to be convicted of racketeering under the Rico Statute. They were part of a criminal empire lead by Lucky Luciano. He ran his organization on vice and weakness.

Twenty-first Century racketeers, members of a New Age criminal empire, have built their organization on religion and fear. They don’t give a damn about fetuses, babies, children, women, the poor or even Jesus who they slander every time they open their hate filled mouths. The object of their racket is money, power and political capital – not unlike Lucky’s.

We have to see these people for what they are and fully understand the travesty of Susan G. Koman. When that lady was lying in her bed dying of metastatic breast cancer and asked her sister to create a foundation to work for the cure, I doubt seriously that she added the caveat, “Only if no one is having an abortion.” The idea that the nobility of Ms. Koman’s gesture on behave of her sisters is being crushed under the weight of political pressure brought to bear by a gang of grasping, grabbing, sociopathic infant souls is an outrage. Yet, sadly Susan G. Koman for the Cure is no more.

The organization must be marginalized, as the poor women in this country are, have been and will be marginalized if these conmen and women have their way. We should continue giving our donations directly to Planned Parenthood. Perhaps we need a new ribbon. One thing I am sure of, if we defend Planned Parenthood with our money and our votes the rats will start to run and quickly.

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