Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bait and Switch

When I hear some Chicken Little screeching from inside a cathode ray tube that, “The sky is falling because government is too big and is interfering in the lives of its citizens,” I wonder who they really serve and what they really stand for. If the noise is coming from some shill of the long, bent arm of the far Right, organized religious community then what I hear them saying cautiously is, “Government is too large and interfering in the lives of its citizens. We must shrink government, render it impotent, so we can interfere in the lives of its citizens and they can’t stop us.”

If the hysteric in question is an apparatchik of that festering, pus whole known as corporate America, and further insists that capitalism and the free market are represented by two stars on the flag, then I must conclude that shrinking government and rendering it impotent will make way for the corporatists to exploit the working man and woman with impunity after they step in and take over.

When big religion and big money join themselves at the hip as they are doing more and more today, then back in time we go before the labor laws and labor unions, before the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, back to the Dark Ages, feudal lords and serfdom. In this world the likes of John and Jane Doe are worked to death, their children have no other expectation, and the Church tells them to suffer in silence because it is good for their soul. This vile racket is known as bait and switch.

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