Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Wisdom from a Very Old Liberal

President Obama has reversed his stance on accepting PAC money. To those on the Left who are annoyed with him I say, wake up and smell the roses. This ain't your daddy's election season. If he doesn't raise money the way the Republicans are raising it, he'll lose. I hate Citizens United and all it brought with it, but I hate Romney and Santorium more. The Republicans who are also argumentative on the subject might remember that PACs were an attempt on their part to once again stack the deck. They can't win a fair fight, they never could. If Obama beats them at their own game, that would be the GOP's problem. Finally, the American people need to ask themselves why campaign ads determine where they cast their vote. What is this, a beer commercial? You buy the brand with the glitziest ads and the blonde with the biggest tits? If we pay attention and start thinking for ourselves, Citizens United and PACs will be moot points.

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