Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is It Me or Them

There has been a kind of creeping insanity in the Democratic Party for years. It started when they became afraid of the word Liberal. Carl Jung said, and I am paraphrasing now, "When you separate yourself from some part of your humanity that from which you are separated returns as disease." Welcome to Bedlam.

It isn’t just the Democrats; it is whole damn body politic. Some days I think that I have awakened in the movie, "Snake Pit." The sensation is reinforced by the fact that Geithner looks like Robert Stack. Jan Brewer reminds me of Lady Macbeth in her final scene - washing her hands and completely out of her mind. Rick Scott and Scott Walker are mental defectives riding the crest of madness. That helium balloon in New Jersey is a megalomaniac and, I believe, a sadist. Obama is the first man of color to prominently play Hamlet. Caught in an Existentialist crisis and driving himself nuts because he can’t make and stick to a bloody decision. In short they are all nuts, man.

Shakespeare loved madness as a color on his pallet. It makes a point. Today, the point is that the system has moved so far into the dysfunctional that only the seriously, clinically, dysfunctional can survive.

When insanity becomes the norm, the sane become a threat to the state. When our insane government has its head so far up Wall Street and corporate America’s ass that their whole world looks like a gallbladder, the sane are not suppose to notice. When we do we are undermining capitalism. When the insane put on stiletto heels, stroll up and down the Washington Mall singing “Hey Sailor” to every passing lobbyist, the sane are not suppose to know that they are whores. When we do we are undermining the free market.

It is a mark of lunacy to personify concepts. Capitalism and the free market are concepts – they don’t eat, sleep or go to the toilet. They are simply thought forms unless you are crazy enough to imagine them to exist as living entities and drag them around like a breathing teddy bear. If that is your bag, then everyone who doesn’t’ want to play with your bear is a threat to the state.

Some days I think that I have awakened in the movie, “Snake Pit,” and that Geithner really is Robert Stack and as crazy as all the other loons running the place. I can’t get out, and there is no point in screaming. My voice would be lost amid the screams of a million others.

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