Monday, April 23, 2012

The Conundrum

If I am not mistaken some of the same people waxing moralistic about the Secret Service sex scandal gave Senator David Vitter, of Louisiana, a standing ovation after he was returned to office following the revelation that he had been contacting prostitutes from the floor of the Senate. As far as I know the illicit exchange of bodily fluids is not made more or less acceptable because it is red or blue, Democratic or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, serving official or civil servant.

Accordingly, many of the people who gave Vitter the nod called for the blood of Misters Clinton, Edwards and Spitzer. Now don’t get me wrong, these three men disappointed me mightily. Not because they had sex. I am a Pagan; we don’t consider sex sinful. In point of fact, we don’t have a concept of sin per say. We do have a concept of stupid. To compromise a Democratic Administration, a Democratic presidential bid, or the career of a great crusader for an orgasm is stupid.

Mr. Edwards goes on trial today for allegedly using campaign finance funds to cover-up an affair. From what I understand of the case and charges, there is some question that the money was campaign money or that he even knew it was being used for the suspected purpose. It is about the sex, man. As it was about the sex with Clinton and Spitzer. After two thousand years of being soaked in Judeo-Christian guilt about human sexuality it is now possible to use the attendant shame as a weapon against one’s enemies, while taking a tiny bit of Christian thought to appear noble in forgiving one’s friends. It is a conundrum.

I have been following politics all of my life. One thing I have observed is that Democrats screw women, and Republicans screw everybody. The moral valence of all this screwing is a matter of personal ethics and values. In my estimation it has always been an issue of impact. Misters Clinton, Edwards and Spitzer hurt their families – Edwards’ behavior was particular egregious owning to the illness of his wife; they damaged or destroyed their careers; and disappointed their supporters. However, can any of that really be compared to the wholesale screwing of America if the Obama Health Care Bill is overturned for purely political – political I say – reasons?

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