Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time to Wake Up America

I find it astounding that the American people are willing to standby and allow outside third parties to extort consensus from our lawmakers. I also think it is astounding that these same outsiders, special interests groups, are clearly comfortable in the conviction that the American people are too lazy and/or stupid to care or know what is going on. Grover Norquist is but one of these cheap blackmailers, the NRA is another. The latter group of self-serving, self-aggrandizing, self promoting, public policy gangsters plans to score the vote in the House on holding the sitting Attorney General in contempt of a body that leads the world in dropping to its collective knees, opening its gapping mouth and issuing forth with “oral arguments” on behalf of every special interest on the planet, be they national or international. Such scoring has been known to damage the reelection efforts of politicians on both sides of the isle.

Dear Goddess, it is time for the American people to wake the hell up. We must stop following our genitals around like a divining rod looking for the fountain of youth. We must stop worrying about what Lindsey Lohan is doing; who Johnny Depp is doing; what the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing; what celebrity got knighted in England, drunk in New York, dumped in Malibu. While the media renders us dull-witted by feeding us this marzipan and tripe, we sadly are colluding in the process by lapping it up like puppies in a puddle of milk.

We the noble American people of freedom and justice for all are becoming grossly ignoble, willing raped of our freedom and justice by petty despot who have turned all of the great principles on which this country was founded into sound bites for election campaigns or slogans for groups and individuals working in their best interests only. Thus even though the majority of the American people support tax fairness, not abolishing taxation, and sane gun control not government by 2nd Amendment fiat, our elected officials openly and scandalously do the bidding of the Grover Norquists and the NRAs. This is our complacency as much as their chicanery.

Tell your friends, use Facebook or your blog, but tell anyone who will listen in any way you can. Wake the hell up – the throat of our Republic is being slit with the dull knife of corruption and our Democracy is pouring down the drain like spilled blood.

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