Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Sad Day in Wisconsin for the People

We the unwilling,

Lead by the unknowing,
Are doing the impossible,
For the ungrateful.
We have been doing so much,
For so long,
With so little,
That we are now qualified,
To do absolutely anything,
With almost nothing. (Not original)

WELCOME TO YOUR GESTALT WISCONSIN, WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE. I understand that there were people who were so incensed at having to leave their television, barstool, bedroom, sports event or fast food restaurant and participate in another recall, that they voted for Walker in protest. To those people I say, whatever happens now is on your head. Suck it up and with your mouth shut, the rest of us have problems too.

I really am not very impressed by the argument that Obama didn’t go to Wisconsin or the Democratic leadership, for that matter. Anyone who is just learning that politicians are always motivated by vested self-interest needs to put down the pipe and get a grip. Don’t bother me about the money. Anywhere a whore is for sale there is a John with the jack – increasingly the electorate has become whore like and the pimps are taking over the world. Anywhere some dolt can be lead around by slick commercials or smooth lies or resentment satiating malice and convinced that their best interest, their glowing future, rests upon their bending over and grabbing their ankles there will be a Walker, a Rove or a Koch. Barnum was right, one is born every minute, and money is just green paper, man. It rules because we let it rule.

For all those who worked their hearts out in this people’s struggle, Goddess I feel for you. I cry for you. I raise my voice and demand justice in your name. For the rest of Wisconsin, do the body politic a favor suppress your own fucking vote.

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