Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have been married since two days after the Goddess invented dirt. People often ask me what makes a successful marriage.  To me it is in the definition of the tradition. If you can accept your partners weaknesses with love and compassion; their strengths with love and gratitude; and give up enough ego to alternately, as the song says, be the wind beneath one another’s wings, you have found the meaning of a successful marriage.  It is a union of two souls.  It transcends rules, insurance policies, rights of inheritance or death benefits – I know these things are important, but they are of the world and perceived by the eye.  Marriage is of the spirit and perceived by the heart.

Anyone who would deny the profound comfort and solace of such a union and perception to anyone else, for any reason, is much more involved in hate then they are in love.  They are not qualified to speak to matters of the soul or of the heart.  They are not fit for leadership or for making public policy.  They lack the ability to understand the consciousness that marriage brings from truly loving and understanding another because they are barely awake.

If in one relationship you fail to find the union that is in fact marriage – laws, licenses and ceremonies aside – don’t stop looking.  It is out there.  Like the union of the Sun and of the Earth that yields the elegant beauty of the lily this is a gift from the Goddess, has nothing to do with the will of men, and is given freely to everyone.

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