Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Imposters

My husband has a Christian Conservative, Facebook friend, if you want to call him a friend, who persists in speaking for the Liberal community in the most preposterous and abusive terms. He is not qualified, nor does he have any right to do so. To wit: he insists that people on food stamps like their situation, and we on the Left are responsible because we consider them nothing more than animals that we have made dependent in order to promote our agenda.

I grow very tired of these plastic Christian, jumped-up-Conservatives who apparently would throw their own children under the bus just to save twenty-six cents on the income tax or to demonize the government for their genetic ineptitude in managing their lives.  After all, at anytime their children could be in need of food stamps, unemployment compensation, health care reform or any other assistance available under the social safety net they despise - precisely as many other good, hardworking people are today. I grow very tired of their angry, mean spirited and selfish god, but mostly I am tired of hearing them express their cruelty, greed, hate and lust for power as Liberal ideals by accusing us of covertly believing and benefiting from such things. Just as I am tired of having them ascribe the worship of their moral scapegoat, the Devil, to my Pagan faith.

When you hear a Christian Conservative, or any Conservative for that matter, presuming to speak for the Liberal Community they are suspiciously lying, irrational, insane or all three. They certainly are consciously or unconsciously engaged in what Jung called transference – primary platform and scheme of which is to attribute their true persona and worldview to the Liberal Left because they are too thick to know where they leave off and we began, not to mention too ashamed or afraid to own it outright.

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