Monday, April 29, 2013

Self Promoting Interference

When the Congress is capable of dictating what will or will not be researched in the scientific community, be it hard science, social science or political science, based upon their political or religious agendas then we can no longer trust our science any more than we can trust the monsters who would insist upon such control before parting with taxpayer money. While Tom Coburn is responsible for the abuse of power related in this article it is worth noting that Lamar Smith, House Chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, is floating the same kind of nonsense with regard to the purse strings he controls.  This cannot be tolerated.  It is a profound undermining of public trust and an egregious example of the bloated egos and unfettered corruption that is a hallmark of our politics today.  These people are not working in our best interests.  "Saving money," "reducing the deficit," and "establishing fiscal health," are code for rigging the game, weighting the scales and controlling through ignorance.

  . . . From the Chronicle of Higher Education

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