Friday, April 5, 2013

The View from the Bubble

Am I alone in feeling like an isolation patient living in a glass bubble, watching my life being lived and decided for me by a bunch of got-nothing-to-lose-looking-out-for-myself politicians who spend half of their time hiding from a small minority of vicious loud mouths and the other half sloganeering and trying to turn their stunning failures into brilliant successes?  Doesn’t it seem that the view from the bubble is constantly being obscured by pernicious, self congratulatory, circus freaks in the media who spend most of their time pulling trivia out of a top hat to distract us all from what is really at issue, at risk and at stake?

We are not seen; we are not heard.  We are spoken of in abstract terms and treated like specimens under glass or rats in a lab.  There is no real relationship between us, the politicians and the media circus.  We are an excuse not a reason.  We are an inconvenience not a consideration. 

Obama proposes trading the economic security of the old for a few concessions from the rich.  The Republicans are willing to continue to hold a struggling economy under water in order to keep a bogyman of their own making from challenging them via primary for their seat in the next election.  LaPierre is using the trust of thousands to pad the nests of a few.  It appears that he is ginning up as much fears as possible to keep the world safe for gun sales.  In the meantime a nation that is seriously divided, fractured and split has come together in huge numbers to demand that sane gun laws be passed, and we as a body are being ignored by the sycophants we put in public office.

Still in all the apologists for the Administration keep sniveling about not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good – the perfect, really?  Since when did the will of the majority of the American people constitute the perfect and become too good for the common good?

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