Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guns and Greed

We are controlled by the minority.  The loud, ignorant easily lead minority that is kept in an uproar by seriously cynical and corrupt people in government who in turn are funded by predators willing to sell anything to anyone for any reason if it makes one dollars worth of profit.  We did not invent the idea that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but we certainly perfect it.  There is no justice or sanity in this agenda.  To look for it is pointless.

We can no longer give the greatest credence to the most strident and vicious voice.  We can no longer allow the delusional lead by the duplicitous to make paranoia policy and to treat the slaughter of the innocent as collateral damage and the cost of freedom.  We are not talking about a well regulated militia.  We are talking about a mindless horde.  We are not talking about the 2nd Amendment.  We are talking about vulture capitalism and criminal bribery made manifest through the cruel hysteria of mob psychology.

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