Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whatever Happened to the First Amendment and Protected Political Speech?

My friend and sister Peno lives in Florida.  She recently wrote a letter to the editor of her local news paper regarding the state of Florida under Governor Scott, letter follows.  Although it was published, much of its power and thrust was deleted. According to the editor it was slanderous.  In a media culture where just about anybody can say just about anything about most anyone else, I find this vacuous and disingenuous.  In a country where the sanctity of political speech has been hauled out often to protect empty vessels and loose cannons like Bachmann and Palin, I find it offensive.  If you are in Florida and agree with Peno’s position, you might want to write to your local paper and see if your editor has any more respect for the First Amendment and protected political speech.

 i am a citizen of fla and rev jackson owes me no apology---rev jackson sees the wrong that is our current condition in fla and is calling for some common sense---medicaid expansion---gov scott says no----stand your ground---gov scott says it is just fine---low wages---gov scott says work a few jobs then-----gov scott is like gov george wallace blocking the doors----gov scott blocks the doors from the elderly--the sick---the unemployed--the under employed---gov scott forbids common sense from entering fla----gov scott stands firm in his right to invoke the fifth while denying millions health care----protected by his calvary--the fla legislators and the voters who elect them----gov scott stands his ground in the blood of the innocent killed by indifference

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  1. Almost all of our media is owned by six corporations so I wouldn't expect the editor to be sympathetic toward the people. He knows who pads his pocketbook.