Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Identity Crisis

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I have been avoiding the news and will continue to do so.  The total inanity of political correctness that masks more times than not a palpable disrespect for other people and for the truth; the incivility and venom of people who believe that the anonymity of cyber space or a six figure salary grants them special license to act like an ass; and the Obama apologists who think he can do no wrong juxtaposed to the Rightwing harpies who think he can do no right has all conspired to make me more disgusted with much of what I find in the news than I can possibly articulate.  Still in all, I had a suspicion confirmed yesterday that is worth noting.  Many people seem to be confused about the fact that the government is not the country.  The country, America, is the American People.  This is particularly striking when seen in bold relief against the dark backdrop of a government that seems most days to be little more than a criminal conspiracy against the best interests of the American People.
I keep hearing this same sad song, albeit a different arrangement from years gone by, "my country right or wrong."  Horse crap, there isn't that kind of action in the world.  For instance, governments make war, not countries, not the people.  Governments usually stir up these shit storms in the embrace of some twisted dream of wealth, power or avarice that has little or nothing to do with the people - unless you take into consideration that the people suffer far more from war than any government ever has or will.  When a government turns its steel on its own people, particularly the most vulnerable, it cannot be right and no amount of patriotism or fevered nationalism can make it right. 
Anyone who believes that their government – president, member of Congress, et al. - can do no wrong or that it or they define this country is deluded, brainwashed by an overreaching, pompous, supercilious, impertinent culture of tawdry criminals who presume to rule rather than govern. 



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