Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is PBS on Koch

For many years I have been a fan and patron of PBS.  I have been a loyal viewer and when possible a contributor to what is known as the Public Broadcasting System.  Recently, I learned via Chris Hayes that David Koch is a board member of PBS, and by offering or threatening to withhold generous donations, he can control programming.  This is unacceptable to me.  He is hardly a representative of the public.  In point of fact, a credible argument can be made that he is an opportunist exploiter of the public and our institutions.

Some of PBS’s programming is British television.  I am partial to this programming because the Brits are capable of writing stories that are original, actually having some literary and artistic merit.  Women in England don’t have be twelve-years old with breast implants to work.  They have to be able to act.  However, I will no long watch or contribute to what is laughingly referred to as Public Broadcasting, even for the Brits. 

It is interesting to note that as David Kock’s creatures in the House serially threaten to cut PBS and NPR’s funding, the man himself apparently stands mute.  Is it because he hopes to replace that funding and thereby control our access to the arts as he seemingly controls our access to good government? Give it some thought.

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