Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Voices from the Echo Chamber

Yesterday the mutts in the Republican House passed a farm bill that cuts food stamps 100%.  The largest concentration of food stamp recipients is in the red states, particularly the south.  Now, one of two things is going on.  The Right side of the House is suffering from tertiary syphilis and their tiny brains are full of wholes like Swiss cheese, or they are convinced that their constituents are so afflicted.  Either the political hacks on the Right believe that a "Praise Jesus," "I am prolife," or "Obama was born on the Planet Mongo," chanted three times a day will keep the them in office; or the wilted lettuce that is their base will starve for the principles of the rich over the poor, the powerful over the weak and guns are our future - our children only get in the way.  You decide.

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