Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The AMA to the Rescue, Maybe

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the AMA is opining from its moral high ground regarding the trauma and humiliation of force feeding prisoners at Gitmo? This would be the same AMA that has remained conspicuously silent while untrained, uninformed, ignorant, even stupid legislators presume to undermine the doctor/patient relationship that physicians are sworn to uphold in confidentiality and protect in perpetuity with regard to women’s reproductive health.

Don’t get me wrong, Gitmo is a shame and stain upon our national character.  A person being held indefinitely after having been cleared of any wrong doing is an obscenity.  Force feeding is certainly traumatic and humiliating.  Indeed all of this is the kind of abomination that could only have originated in the festering and fulminating mind of a Dick Cheney, his party and other smug and self-satisfied politicians regardless of party. 

However, forcing a woman to seek permission from her governor before having a pregnancy terminated, even when her life may be at risk; forcing a rape or incest victim to carry the product of these cruel and vicious acts to term; expecting women to decide to abort before they know they are pregnant are also acts of grievous indifference, inhumanity and overreaching by the state and very well can result in trauma, humiliation and worse.  So please someone tell me, where in the fuck has the AMA been with its white steed and shining sword of ethical truth?

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