Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Sleeping Giant

Can someone please tell me why anyone gives a bloody damn if Barbie is on the cover of Sports Illustrated?  I realize that there are people in this country who would call the police on Christ for moaning too loud on the cross and have elevated complaining to an Olympic event, but when the hell did adulthood become obsolete? 

A man is sitting in Florida hoping that Stand Your Ground is more important than the life of the black child he murdered.  The Congress of these United States plays partisan games in that brothel on Capitol Hill, peddling influence for Jesus while breaking the back of the American Middle Class.  Some cluck from the 1% makes national news whining about persecution, and the idiot interviewing him doesn't seem to realize that this is a bit like accusing David of persecuting Goliath with his little sling shot.  Karzai is turning terrorists loose in Afghanistan, and the American South is awash in poisonous chemicals.  The east is buried under snow, and the west is in drought. 

Through it all we are worried about a doll whose breasts accounts for 60% of her body weight appearing on the cover of a magazine.  Really, are we this far gone into the land of the deliberately and chronically anesthetized?

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