Thursday, February 27, 2014

Never Again

I wish just once when the media brings up the subject of contraception in connection with businesses that don't want to pay for it, someone would ask if this includes vasectomies.  If it doesn't then what we are talking about is just more of the same old patriarchal bullshit that renders women spittoons for sperm and incubators for babies. This is not to be tolerated.  As a woman who took to the streets nearly 50 years ago to set women free and the granddaughter of a woman who suffered jail and hunger strikes in the struggle for the vote I say, "By the Goddess that is the Mother of us all never again!"

We must remove this religious tyranny from the government of this Republic.  Since when does business, commerce, Capitalism have moral authority over the conscience of the individual?   Since when does a fully enfranchised citizen of these United States subvert her personal choices and constitutionally quarantined right of choice to a for-profit and inorganic entity which enjoys neither citizenship nor the ethical right to enfranchisement?  This is intolerable.  We must vote the people who have enabled this treachery against women and offense against the founding principles of our secular state out of office.  We must ban together and go to the polls this year shouting, “By the Goddess that is the Mother of us all never again!”

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