Sunday, March 2, 2014

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

In the theory of American Jurisprudence there is a concept that holds the U.S. to be a nation of laws not men.  Other than being toxic on its face, two things are wrong with this.  First, the law in this country is the oldest whore on the block.  Second, some legislators would seem to have taken the exclusion of women literally.  

Question: how do you subvert a people to the status of serf in service to a small, ruling plutocracy?  Answer: you empower a disempowering religious interpretation with the force of law, claiming that it has always been that way; then you force people to have more children then they can feed.  Women in this country post feminist awakening and Roe v. Wade must first be stripped of their dignity in order to force them back into a box.  Thus, they are either crime scenes or incubators for the children of violent criminals.

The result of all of this is a population that will serve silently and for  nothing because they see no way out.  This is known in some circles as the long con.

The article that follows should be a matter of concern for all Americans, female and male.  Read it, share it and remember it all the way to the polls.  Any Republican who does not denounce this colludes in it and should be held accountable in November.

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