Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Intelligence?

So, many of the people on the Senate Intelligence Committee who indicted Snowden as a traitor for telling the American people that the NSA was spying on us, are now screaming foul because the CIA might be spying on them.  After decades of helping various executive branches feed this two-headed intelligence Hydra they are now SHOCKED that it has bitten them in the ass.  These idiots lead the world in shock.  However, not on behalf of the people who put them in office apparently. 

Bridget Kelly and William Stepien, the two Chris Christie apparatchiks were in court this morning. Farcically their learned lawyers were asserting their Fifth Amendment right against self in crimination as an excuse not to surrender emails created during Bridgegate to a legislative committee investigating the damned mess allegedly stemming from some kind of warped political retribution.  The court is actually considering their claim.  I wonder if the court will consider the fact that these emails were created on the people of New Jersey’s computers, on their time and on their dollar. The upshot of which was to delay, inconvenience and potently endanger the people of New Jersey.

Does anyone else have a problem with this crap?  Does anyone else wonder when our public servants became dangerous public nuisances?  Does anyone else wonder when our elected officials stopped governing and started ruling undercover of cloak and dagger, national security and all too flagrant self interest? 

As Bridget Kelly strolled past the cameras this morning looking like nothing so much as the haggard and discarded concubine of a minor potentate, I had to wonder who the hell puts people like this sour-face caricature in a position of power.  Why didn’t the New Jersey electorate know about the bridge closure, the influence of Kelly and Stepien and the many other questionable practices of Chris Christie before his reelection?  Is anybody looking out for our interests?  Clearly, we are not being given enough timely information to look out for them ourselves.

Come to that, why is spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee so much worse than spying on the American people?  After eight-years with the Bush Administration lying, obfuscating, dissembling and prevaricating without being made to answer a single question as to their motives or methods, how intelligent can these overpaid, blustering buffoons be?  More likely evidence of the slavishness with which both parties, not to mention the media, followed a dimwitted president and his narcissistic vice president into the hell of ten years of war, torture, rendition and international criminal behavior is at risk.  Begs the question: what infamy and treachery against the people of these United States are they covering up now?

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