Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Karma is a Bitch

The definition of Karma simply stated is, what goes around comes around or what you put out in the world comes home to bite you in the ass sooner or later.  Pagans believe that the return flight carries three times the wallop on impact.

Anyone who doesn't believe in Karma might want to take a look at the modern day Republican Party.  In 2009 they invested their time, energy and hope in something called the Tea Party.  The object was to use these people to defeat the Affordable Care Act.  Were they worried about the American people losing access to a high standard of care?  No.  Were they worried about the American people losing their jobs?  No. They were worried about the impact the ACA would have on their mega buck donors from big insurance.

In the end the ACA became the law of the land without compromising care as we know it, jobs or the position of insurance companies in the health care delivery industry.  However, the Tea Party has persistently eroded the Republican brand, wrenching control of the primary process out of the hands of the establishment and handing it over to a loud, vicious band of marauding extremists who wish to destroy the very institution that gives the Republican Party or any other political party a reason to exist – government.

Currently it is necessary for anyone who wishes to survive in GOP politics beyond the primary season to sound as crazy and destructive as the Tea Party itself.  Thus, we have Grandpa Get-It-Up McCain and the Viagra Boys Band, lead singer Lindsey Graham, smearing President Obama at every opportunity.  Their comments get more and more outrageous as the days leading up to primary season fade into yesterdays.  I am sure most of them realize that if the nut-jobs stand for general election, in many cases, the seat goes to the Democrats.  The persistent chants, Benghazi, Benghazi, IRS, IRS, he’s weak, he’s weak ring through the Beltway and the media at large with the desperation of people who know that what they are saying is wrong, has been disproven and in time of war may even be treasonous. Certainly they would have asserted treason if Bush were still in office.  Indeed they did, if memory serves, for anyone who dared opposed the war in Iraqi.

The media’s failure here is that they never counter the Rightwing mantras with solid facts.  To wit; a month or so before Benghazi the Republican House cut millions in funding from State’s budget which was destined in part for defense of our missions.  The constant carping on the IRS investigations of Right leaning organizations overlooks the fact that they investigated as many if not more Left leaning groups.  The charge that Obama is weak is particularly egregious in that the GOP had no such problem with Bush’s handling of Putin moving into Georgia in 2008.  Many of the Right’s suggestions for Obama today – pulling out of the G8, sanctioning of high level Russian officials, etc. – are already under consideration by the Administration.

Without question the party of Lincoln, what is left of it is trapped by its own stupidly, greed and corruption which led to acceptance of the Tea Party in the first place.  It is an appalling thing to see elected officials ripping and tearing at someone wholly unrelated to their problems just to avoid solving those problems.  The Republican establishment’s dilemma is the Tea Party and attaching Obama won’t solve that dilemma it just exacerbates the destruction of the brand.  For the same reason that infection in one person can’t be cleared by giving someone else an antibiotic – this will only exacerbate the infection into sepsis.

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