Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Thee Behind Me Billionaire

The very idea that one group or one man with a lot of money can bring elected officials of any party scurrying anywhere to kiss ass and placate is utterly offensive.  Sheldon Adelson has two major policy issues that he wants addressed and protected.  First, online gambling which could become one of his major competitors is to be abolished.  So much for the sacred cow of the Capitalist the bloody Free Market.  Second, by his lights anyone who does not support Israel in all she does and all she says is not fit to be president for billions of reasons, all of them his.  In other words, the needs, will and best interests of the American people are subordinate to the needs, will and best interests of the Israeli people.  I say this because no two countries enjoy complete and perpetual symbiosis.  Such an assertion is idiotic on its face.

It doesn't get any clearer.  These politicians, these acolytes worshiping prostrate at the feet of Mr. Adelson are on the take pure and simple.  They can be bought by anybody with the prices of a political hand job and a promise of unlimited campaign funds in the next presidential elections. 

Of course this kind of politician is like a baby bird - everyday is the first day of the world.  They have no history.  Thus, they have forgotten that Adelson and other bloated billionaires pissed hundreds of millions of dollars down the toilet in '12.  The American people turning out to vote will trump the money of a thousand billionaires.  Let us vote in November and put Adelson and his ilk back their box.

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