Friday, March 14, 2014

Cycle of Disrespect

President Obama’s approval rating is 41% today.  The myopic, misguided and manipulated media seems to think that every day is the same day.  Therefore, the president’s approval rating, the composition and group think of gerrymandered districts, the influence of the Tea Party and big money on the American psyche can never change. They are written in stone and were handed down to Moses with the tablets.  Thus, the twelve year olds on The Cycle (MSNBC) just pronounced the GOP the likely winner in November to spite pissing off every group in the country save rich WASPS.  Accordingly it is a given that because people have for the moment fallen out of love with President Obama, the Democrats stand well within the arc of defeat.

It is unlikely in my estimation that the influence of outraged women, people of color, the LGBT community, the elderly and veterans will dissipate like a bad odor in the open air simply because Mr. Obama’s approval rating is 41% today.  Still in a nation that has accepted the perverse idea that brat knows best and that the younger the lip the more important the mouth, I suppose it is not unreasonable to see a group of children who play experts on T.V. attempting to shove this garbage down the nation’s throat.  The arrogance, the mendacity, the raw absurdity that is required to discount a goodly number of Americans who feel, and rightly, dangerous aggrieved is an assault on the intellect.  It is worth noting at this point that the president may owe his low approval rating in part to the persistent and consistent regurgitation of Rightwing distortions, propaganda and outright lies by so-called journalists on all three cable networks.  

Most of us have no doubt that with only a few exceptions we are held in something reminiscent of contempt by our government.  We are inconvenient, revenue draining, lazy and stupid creatures that need only show our faces on tax day and Election Day - the latter becoming more and more restricted.  However, we should not, indeed must not accept this level of disrespect from the media.  Most of you know that I have little use for the open sewer that was once the Fourth Estate.  To the extent that it has become corporatized it has become irrelevant, immaterial and at its worst threatening to the people it was designed to serve.  I think that we should use blogs, Twitter, social networking and word of mouth to call crap, crap.  To my way of thinking today on The Cycle they produced enough crap to fertilize the Sinai Peninsula.  

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