Monday, March 3, 2014

You Have Got to be Kidding

It may come as a surprise to some women in this country, however, in 31 states rapists are able to sue for custody and visitation rights when their victim carries the child of their assault to term.  It seems that in many cases this is not a matter of "father's" rights being legislated so much as it is a matter of there being no law against a rapist insinuating himself into the lives of his victim and offspring in perpetuity.  

What women choose to do about a pregnancy that stems from rape is an absolutely individual and personal decision that no one, least of all the bloody state, should have a right to comment on. When she decides to keep the child there should be no question of her assailant having the right to use the courts to violate her again. 

Many legislators, cowards that they are, seem to have determined that it is best to leave this issue in the hands of the judicial branch. Nonetheless, ideological bias, religious intolerance and frightful misogyny are not unknown to the bench.  Therefore, it is imperative that state governments take a clear stand on the side of the victim and her child, refusing to allow a violent offender to force his way into another area of her life. 

What follows is a link that will give you an idea of where your state and others stand in this matter.

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