Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another Issue

President Obama has given the Republicans something to chew on with his new budget.  More importantly, he has given the Democrats something to run on.  It is worth investigating this document and spreading the information around via Facebook, Blogs, etc.  It seems to me that the line is clearly drawn.  Do you support the workers and the Middle Class, the creation of jobs through repairing our crumbling infrastructure and closing tax loopholes for the big rich; or do you prefer the status quo that promotes income inequality and the socioeconomic exploitation of the vast majority of the American people?  In addition to promoting voting rights by helping people get registered to vote in whatever way we can, disseminating information about the rights of rapists to apply for custody and visitation rights when their criminal behavior results in pregnancy, we now have a new fulcrum with which to turn voters toward the defense of their own economic interests. 

The last resort of the Republican Party is to hide behind cultural issue.  God, guns and gays - as Obama once put it - will blind some people to what is being done to them by an army of shabby souls, two-for-a-nickel-Elmer Gantries thumping the Bible with one hand, peddling influence with the other and more than happy to have their heads up corporate America’s ass to such an extent that they are talking through someone else’s vocal chords.   Those myopic voters need to be written off as lost in the wilderness.  That should not stop us from soliciting the ear of those who teeter on the verge of consciousness.

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