Thursday, April 3, 2014

Laughing at the Devil

Charles Koch, puppet master of the Right and perhaps the Supreme Court, dusts off some of Ayn Rand's lingo like collectivism and tries to convince the world via the "Wall Street Journal" of his deep and abiding commitment to liberty and the common good.  Keep in mind that no tyrant ever came forward spewing proclamations of oppression.  They all talk about liberty in the beginning.

You will find many ironies in the following piece, not the least of which is a reference to Arthur Schopenhauer's alleged advocacy of personality assassination as adopted by Saul Alinsky.  Funny, I read Schopenhauer; didn't like him much, but don't remember any such thing.  At any rate, identifying Alinsky with Schopenhauer is a bit like identifying Gertrude Stein with the feminist philosophy of the Old Testament.  It is stupid at best and on its face.  Koch conveniently overlooks Karl Rove's pronounced ability to engage in personality destruction which he learned at the knee of his mentor Mr. Lee Atwater, and used successfully to put and keep G.W. Bush in office.  Lee was one of the most viscous personality assassins to ever step foot on the political stage. I understand he died of cancer, begging his God for forgiveness after decades of crapping on His image.

I am trying to adopt the Rachel Maddow strategy of laughing at these people rather than flying into a rage and clicking my BP up several dozen points.  So read it and laugh, but remember to know your enemy and make sure your friends know him too.

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