Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Crook By Any Other Name

Corruption - duplicitous or fraudulent conduct by those in power, generally bribery. 

This is the standard definition of corruption.  However, in the modern political world we have modified this definition.  It isn't about lying or cheating or bribery anymore.  It is about to whom you lie, who you cheat or from whom you take a bribe.  Deceiving or defrauding the American people is no longer frowned on; indeed it is rewarded.  Taking bribes depends entirely upon the amount of the bribe.  That is to say that the legitimacy of the illicit pay-off is directly proportional to its size. 

This puts me in mind of a story that is told about Winston Churchill.  It seems that he was at a dinner party and overheard an aristocratic lady say that she would sleep with any man for a million pounds.  At which point Churchill asked if she would sleep with him for twenty.  Indignantly she demanded to know if he thought her to be a prostitute.  Mr. Churchill then informed her that her profession had already been established.  All that was at issue was price.

Washington D.C. is a giant brothel.  Our state houses are red light districts.  Our Democracy is in decline - the Republic is crumbling.  If you don't like it - Vote!  No excuses.  It is all we have left.

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