Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trash Talk

I am not an Obama apologist.  I carry water for no politician.  Indeed with damn few exceptions I can scarcely stand the sight of the lying humps.  From the early days of Mr. Obama’s administration I began questioning his policies.  Starting with the healthcare debate, running through Chained CPI, the drone strikes, TPP, the Keystone XL Pipeline, offshore drilling and our unrelenting and mule-headed position that no matter what Israel does or how she does it she is only defending herself in the most righteous of causes. 

I have lost friends, then and since, because I refused to cease and desist in my dissent with regard to many of his policies – to keep my mouth shut and follow where led.  I submit that dissent is as necessary for the health of this Republic and its people as clean air.  Further that it is the oldest and noblest of our patriotic traditions.  I reserve the right to dissent loudly and often whenever and wherever I see fit – the cops in Chicago in '68 didn’t shut me up and peer pressure from the Left won’t either.  I am an old woman who speaks her mind, and when old women speak their mind the tribe does well to listen.

I don’t stand alone, but with many who oppose much of this president’s agenda.  We are Liberals – not Progressives, Moderates, Centrist, Clintonites, Hillary’s Women, or Obama’s army – but Liberals.  We hold to a strict code of social and economic justice.  We do not practice war, and certainly not wars of convenience.  We shutter at unbridled Capitalism, the excesses of the Free Market and corporatism.  We honor people over profit, the planet over greed; and we do not define freedom and liberty in terms of religious opportunism.  That is to say that Christians, Jews, Pagans, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, none of the above and people who just don’t think about it own equally this nations promise of freedom and have every right to express their liberty in the interests of their own happiness.  No platform, party or person is more deserving of our loyalty than the cause.  We are the Liberals, but not the enemy.

That distinction belongs to the far Right side of the political spectrum, their parasites, sycophants and pretenders to the throne.  When John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, John Boehner and others start trash talking over the airways about President Obama’s policies they are not proffering disagreement, opposition, or even dissent.  They are in the process of destroying a man they hate.  They have materially weakened the fabric of this nation, eroded the structure of this Republic and compromised our standing in the world with their unending and obscene display of hubris and contempt for the President of the United States.  This is not politics or the spectacle of government.  No, this is the deliberate, systematic, orchestrated and premeditated annihilation of the man’s presidency, his character and his legacy.  Since we the people elected this man twice by clear majority their hatred, hubris and contempt cannot help but rebound on us. 

I believe that we have been made to appear weak in the eyes of our enemies not because Obama is weak – he isn’t weak.  I don’t like a lot of what he does, but he isn't weak.  Our perceived weakness rests in the fact that our enemies know that these resentful old men and the women who follow them about regurgitating their venom would side with the enemies of this nation before they would be seen to support President Barack Obama.  If that doesn't frighten you in the world we live in then you must have nerves of steel, a large liquor supply or be incredibly uninformed.

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