Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mama Ain't Happy

The First Amendment has been twisted, contorted, tortured and misrepresented so as to make it possible for corporations to buy our political system, gun nuts to surround unarmed women in coffee shops and people with a mouth full of vitriol and a mind full of hate to jump around like hyenas on crack shouting at and threatening small children crossing our borders.  Anyone who opposes this distortion of our values, this self serving, childish and idiotic agenda is called anything from Un-American to evil and many times offered violence by way of demonstrating that equality is a thing of the past in this great Republic of ours. 

It is understood that along with equality, sanity has been lost in the great desire to homogenize, Christianize, propagandize and sterilize the American landscape as with cruelty and stupidity we pickup our social order and return to the beginning of the last century when men were white, their women and children were property and everyone else was disposable.  The vanguard of evolutionary regression sweeping this country and back peddling through over half a century of civil rights legislation is a quintet of old men in long black robes safely ensconced behind a 252-foot buffer zone in Washington D.C.  A handful of elitists with more power than they are able to use judiciously do not a recipe for liberty make, not for workers, not for voters and certainly not for women.

Many egregious things have come out of the Scalia Court; the asinine notion that Roberts is running it is to my way of thinking one of the most insulting.  The ventriloquist and his dummy notwithstanding, the assertion that freedom of religion can be used in a secular state to displace the rights of half the population is beyond insulting and borders on a Jack-the-Ripper-Ted-Bundy kind of pathological misogyny.   Still, this is not just a woman’s issue.  Any man who is married to a woman in childbearing years and works for a “closely held,” deeply religious employer trying to use God to shave a few pennies off their group insurance plan best not count on his dick to guarantee that his wife can access contraception through his policy. 

The idea that any of this is about freedom of religion is a hoot in the first place.  It is about freedom for one religion – Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy’s religion.  This is not about God or loving God or following Christ.  It is about establishing a state sponsored morality and belief system ordained by a cabal of puffed up mouthpieces who far and away resemble the priests of the Inquisition more than ever they resemble the loving Christ they claim to follow so bloody devoutly.  They are in effect through law, the old whore, reordering the nature of the human species.  At the top of the food chain is the corporate person followed by the rich person with the rest of us falling somewhere below – women generally near the bottom.

The corporate person does not breathe air, it breathes money.  Living on the Free Market the way other people live in their houses and communities, the corporate person is chained to its bottom line the way we are anchored to our atmosphere.  This is Corporate Person’s Achilles Heel.  This is where women need to strike.  Organized boycotts on a very large scale with millions of women participating would be our best weapon of choice.  There can be no question that corporations like Hobby Lobby rely upon the consumerism of women.  Indeed around 80% of all consumer dollars are spent by women.  This is real power.  To that end I am joining other women in the process of putting together a project that would facilitate the use of our power.  We have agreed upon the name, “Mama Ain't Happy” for our organization. 

Now I am anticipating the old canard that women are so often exposed to when taking up a cause for their own benefit.  This would be the big picture argument.  You know the one.  It goes something like this, “There, there dear while I understand your concerns you must look at the big picture.  Large scale boycotts – if a group of women could even achieve such a thing, doubtful – could be very harmful to the economy.  Jobs, people need jobs.  I understand that this wasn't fair, but hey.”  

Most of you know that I lack tact for the most part, particularly when I am annoyed.  The big picture argument annoys me at the best of times.  I have been very clear in the past with my answer to this particular line of bullshit.  As always I will be happy to suggest that anyone who cares to make such an argument can take their big picture and insert it in whatever orifice it will fit with a whole lot of KY Jelly and a big “good luck with all that,” because Mama ain't happy and with any luck that will mean that somebody ain't gonna make no money no how.

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