Monday, June 30, 2014

5 to 4 Against the Rights of Women

In a 5-4 decision the Scalia Court, nominally headed by Roberts, sided with Hobby Lobby in denying women mandated access to certain kinds of birth control on the grounds that it violates the rights of family owned, for profit corporation to exercise religious freedom.  Apparently, the religious freedom of female employees, and their partners if any, who believe that they have a moral imperative – that does not conflict with their faith or spiritual ideals – to control their reproductive lives and not to have more children then can feed is moot.  Once again it seems to me that Scalia and the other boys in the band have proven that Jesus saves; but Cash is God.  Corporations trump individuals every time.

The most egregious piece of this theocratic tyranny is that it is based upon the same kind of pseudo scientific brain damage that denies climate change.  The birth control options now denied to women are the Plan B or the so-called morning after pill; an emergency contraceptive known as Ella, also considered a morning after pill although it can be taken up to five days after intercourse; hormonal and copper IUD’s.  NONE of these are abortive; they either prevent contraption or implantation.  The idea that they cause abortion by interfering with a fertilized ovum is based upon a religious belief that life begins at conception.  It cannot be proven by science empirically.  My religion teaches no such thing, but clearly my religion is not covered under the Freedom of Religion clause.

As a woman and a citizen I am tired of third rate intellects proffering second rate ideas as first rate fact.  The glorified ambulance chasers on the right side of the high court need to stick to the law.  They are not physicians, and they are not particularly concerned with the effect their rulings have on the average person or the Republic if Citizens United is any example. 

Now that we have seen the bias of some corporations written into law it is time to take the fight to them.  It will be interesting to see if the loud, vicious coalition of religious zealots currently running the Congress and the Supreme Court can pay the freight on their demands.  Most Americans are opposed to Hobby Lobby’s position, most women are as well.  A goodly number of their consumer base is women.  Let us boycott and resolve that from this day forward not a dime will go into their coffers.  As far as I know, Justice Scalia and his Four Horsemen haven’t yet determined that women are incapable of deciding where we will spend our non-healthcare related dollars. 

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