Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pathetic Little Man

Paul Ryan is a pathetic little man, and I mean little in every sense of the word.  He informed the IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, that he didn’t believe him during a hearing of the Ways and Means Committee on Friday, June 20th.  That is rich coming from a politician, any politician; particularly this quasi-Randite, sort-a-kind-a Catholic politician who once presented a budget in the very same chamber where the hearing took place that could have been penned by the Marquis de Sade then ran like hell from it during the 2012 Presidential Election.  This pathetic little man who sat screeching, “I control the time,” and “I don’t believe you,” appears to think of himself as a lord of the realm, much like the Marquis, wielding the power of his Congressional seat like a bludgeon and owing no one respect or courtesy be they the Director of the IRS, the Secretary of Defense or the President of the United States.  Mind you, Congressman Paul Ryan is a member of a body that enjoys a 7% approval rating currently, making him and his butt buddies only slightly more popular then herpes and botulism.  Accordingly, it is not beyond the realm of reasonable possibility to suppose that this arrogant man enjoys so little professional credibility as to make his impugning anyone else’s a bloody joke.

Why do we tolerate monsters like Ryan?  What are they but striptease artists peeling off their ethical responsibilities for the price of a campaign contribution stuck in their political G-string? Who are they but bullies, pandering to bullies and in the employ of bullies?  It is a foregone conclusion that our government is bought and paid for; that Ryan and his ilk serve the special interests that make their miserable existence possible.  However, must we suffer the indignity of watching a cabal of moral invalids presume to instruct this nation on righteousness, honor and decency?  

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