Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Smug and the Arrogant

In my estimation, A.B. Stoddard of “The Hill” is as smug and arrogant a creature as ever learned to run a keyboard. Saturday morning she informed some guy on MSNBC that Hillary Clinton should not be arguing with the media. Really? I don’t care who likes Clinton and who doesn't; personally she is way too far to the right for me.  Her fitness or lack thereof to be president isn't what I am on about just now. The very idea that the media must be submitted to like some all powerful warlord in an ancient city is beyond conceit and boarding on pathological narcissism. 

One must ask what part of the common good the media serves with its corporate agendas, gotcha games and propaganda. What gives Stoddard the right to demand that the press’ questions, no matter how stupid, inane, incompetent and immaterial they are, must be answered with a respect that she and others of her ilk seldom extend to anybody?  The bottom line is that Secretary Clinton doesn't like the media. Hell most people don’t. I was happy to see her callout a “reporter” for attempting to twist and reinvent the facts. I for one believe that this country would be much better off if more public figures kicked the ass of a Stoddard, a Todd, a Gregory or any number of self appointed deciders of public opinion.

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