Monday, June 23, 2014

Ask Yourself Why

In 2008 George W. Bush signed a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq.  Such agreements are signed between sovereign nations and other countries seeking to station military troops on their soil.  The agreement Bush signed mandated that all U.S. troops be withdrawn from Iraq by December 31, 2011.  Accordingly, they were.  Bush signed it; Obama honored it.  Anybody who tells you differently is lying.  Ask yourself why.

The bottom line is that the Iraqi people didn't want us there.  We, the American people, didn't want to be there.  The removing of troops from Iraq was mandated and everybody in the media and in Congress currently running their mouths on cable knows this.  If they fail to mention it or deny it, they are lying to you.  Ask yourself why.

Further, all this malarkey about having won the war makes my teeth ache.  We roared in, took possession of a country, installed a handpicked bigot to run the country - into to the ground as it happens - and roared out again.  We didn't win crap.

To me the whole goddamn mess felt and feels like a Jacobean revenge drama.  Cheney and his co-conspirators didn't get Saddam in the early '90s.  When Scalia appointed Crawford’s Village Idiot president that gave them a second bite at the apple.  Over 3,000 dead on our side, Goddess knows how many Iraqis, millions upon millions spent or lost and for what?  So a bunch of dried up dinosaurs could experience a last hard-on taking out an old enemy.  Let us call it what it is – bullshit. Let us not confuse it with fact, and above all when someone insists that it is fact let us know that they are lying to us and asks ourselves why.

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