Monday, December 29, 2014

Time to Stand Up

I have been watching Conservatives bleat about their wave and mandate since the November election. The media has been patting itself on the back for predicting this wave. What wave, I ask? Only 36.6% of the electorate turned up to vote, according to Time Magazine. The lowest turn out in 72, I say 72, years. Hitler was Chancellor of Germany the last time the electorate fell asleep at the switch in such a glaring display of apathy. 

A new study by Princeton and Northwestern Universities has pronounced our great experiment, our democratic republic, a bloody oligarchy. Question: What is the relationship between apathy and oligarchy? If people believe money is more important and powerful then they are, do they not stay home? When in point of fact an angry electorate storming the polls makes a mockery out of any amount of money. I give you 2012 when the billionaire class lost millions trying to defeat Obama. 

Set aside the overweening gluttony for power of bastards like Scalia and Mitch McConnell who brought the original lawsuit that resulted in Citizens United. Set aside the sheeple who vote against their own economic interests because the object of their loyalty uses the name of Christ like a bargaining chip. I believe this country is center-left. I believe there are enough of us to put the common good front and center once again. I believe it is time for a nonviolent, revolution at the polls. Question: How do we achieve that?

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