Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Gift

I have a suggestion for my Christian brothers and sister.  Owing to the fact that Religious Fundamentalists have been misrepresenting your faith since the poster child for God-bothering frauds, Ronald Reagan, was in the Oval Office you might want to start setting the record straight by telling Nicole Wallace to shut the fuck up because the God she is thanking for torture might be anyone of a number of Gods but certainly isn't the peace loving man from Nazareth.  With His agreed upon birthday looming on the horizon that might be a wonderful gift to give Him.  After all, people like the bargain basement Barbie, Wallace, and her partner in slime, Joe “Whatever Happened to My Young Intern” Scarborough, will be taking over the government in January and promise to do even more damage to your Christian Creed in the name of power, wealth and control.    

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