Friday, November 21, 2014

I Would Rather Be Gardening

My friend, who possesses a greatness of mind that is consistent with the talent and perspicacity of a fine therapist, shared a profound expression a day or so ago at lunch when she said, “Not my circus; not my monkeys.”  This is a difficult principle for someone like me.  The oldest child of a dysfunction and alcoholic family I have long assumed responsibility for everybody’s everything.  A committed Liberal who has suddenly discovered that there is no place for me in my own country – the Democrats being useless pawns to their own cowardice and the Republicans stoking a maniacal rage against people like me based upon lies and fear for fun and profit – I am rapidly and with not a little guilt losing interest in the plight of my fellow citizens.

On November 4, 2014, the American people gave the worst element in this country permission to do their worst, and they are doing it.  From puffed up network executives of little taste, less intellect and no social conscience expecting the President of the United States to come hat-in-hand begging for air time to deliver a major policy speech during some bullshit called Sweeps Week and all the way into the halls of Congress where the architects of an unprecedented operation of sabotage against a sitting president, Boehner and McConnell, squat with their fists full of campaign graft and their mouths full of threats.  

I have said before and will say again, we the people through our apathy, indifference, ignorance and infantile moral paralysis have codified government by the radical, racist, rabid minority.  To my Liberal friends I say now, we need a Liberal Party.  To all the lazy bastards who didn't vote because they believe that the outcome has nothing to do with them I say, good luck with all that.  For my part, I am working on finding a new way of life.  Sixty-five years young and growing up at last. I am learning to say, it ain’t my fucking circus; they aren't my monkeys. 

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