Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let Us Be Clear

Let us be clear.  According to the Associated Press as reported by NPR on 11/5, only 36.6% of the electorate voted on Tuesday.*  Mandate? This isn't a mandate, it is hardly an election.  About 3.1 million people turned out in a nation of over 7 million registered voters.  Even in states where turnout was higher than usual, it was pathetic in scope.  This was many things, a temper tantrum, an exercise in apathetic self righteousness, a very stupid move, but it was no mandate.

Every person who could vote but didn't, handed this country over to the most obstructionist, dangerous, derelict bunch of self promoting fanatics seen to step foot in public office in modern times.  The no show voters cast their ballot in absentium for government by racist minority; government by corporation; government by organized religion; government by scapegoating, slander and duplicity.

Once again this was no mandate.  It was an extremely careless, idiotic thing to do and one from which this country will suffer mightily for at least the next two years and probably longer.  So believe in Santa, imaginary playmates or the Easter Bunny; but don't believe - no matter who or what “expert” tells you - in mandates born of a myopic and self indulgent electorate.

*Source material

Midterm Elections May Have Had Record Low Turnout

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