Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hell of a Night

Chuck Todd, that blithering twit masquerading as a reporter, has just determined that the Democratic loss is merely the fault of the President and Harry Reid.  It takes some real stones to stand up on a stage as Mitch McConnell did tonight and blame Obama for the gridlock that he, McConnell, orchestrated with obstruction and obstruction and more obstruction through a record number of filibusters and all manner of unethical behavior.  It takes even larger stones to pat that same McConnell on the back for being gracious in his acceptance speech as Chris "the Mouth" Matthews did earlier.  Even larger stones are required to blame the most maligned, undermined and deliberately sabotaged president in history - with the collusion of people like Todd I might add - for tanking an election riddled with weak, unintelligent and frightened politicians many of whom will report to the Emergency Room this night for treatment of leg strain from straddling fences throughout the campaign.  
Don't get me wrong, I am no apologist for this president. In point of fact, I have had serious problems with the Democrats for some years now - ever since Clinton turned Deep Purple bleeding Red. I am no longer a member of the party. Why? Simply because Democrats no longer know what it is to be a Democrat; never mind Liberal - hell they can't spell the damn word which is why many of them call themselves Progressives. Harry Reid is a perfect example. He could have put a stop to McConnell and his rule by filibuster, but no. He went half way to goal post, then took the Republican leader by the dick and skipped across the goal line singing Kumbaya.
In my estimation, tonight they paid the penalty. Given the opportunity to vote for Democrats leaning toward Republicanism, the people voted for the real Republicans. Well put me on stilts and call me stretch, my surprise is underwhelming.
Now let us live with the mess we have made and the monsters we have created.

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