Friday, July 17, 2015

Social Eugenics

Through a process of what one might call social eugenics we have managed over the last 35 years or so to breed out in many people any vestige of a social conscience.  We did so by infusing into our moral genetic code the greed chromosome.  We did so by embracing materialism, racism, misogyny and all manner of fear.  We did so at our own risk because this experiment in madness has served only to promote the good of the few over the rights and good of the many; and while the beneficiaries of the new social selection laugh up their sleeves at the sheeple who blindly carry their message forward, we risk entering a New Dark Age and Feudal Order where the wealth created by many and the power that rightfully belongs to us all are concentrated in the hands of an ever shrinking elitist minority.  

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