Monday, July 6, 2015

Time to Grow Up

I have read article after article and post after post that concern themselves with Hillary's camp sniping at Bernie's and visa versa.  In the words of my long dead, seldom lamented, Catholic father, "Jesus jumped up Christ in a streetcar, grow the fuck up."  This isn't about Clinton's wrinkles, Sander's Socialism, the need for numskulls like Claire McCaskill to get her mug on the tube, or some stunted soul hiding behind a cursor to take revenge on a world that terrifies them by abusing people on Facebook or Twitter in anonymity.  This is important.  This is the future of the Left in modern politics.

This is about the survival of the Working Middle Class. This is about whether or not we can turn the legalized corruption in our government around and take control away from the Lloyd Blankfeins, Jamie Dimons, other Wall Street vampires, the big banks and corporate crooks. This is about the next Supreme Court nominee. This is about an undue burden on women who are seeking to obtain LEGAL and safe therapeutic abortion. This is about voting rights for people of color. This is about gun violence, religious bigotry and racism run a muck in this country. This is about demanding that our goddamned politicians talk sense, talk policy, talk issues and never mind flim-flamming and overwhelming us with their pseudo patriotism, shallow moral rectitude and sham nobility. This is about giving them to understand that we will hold their feet to the fire. In other words and plainly stated, this is about your life.

So far, Bernie Sanders is the only one saying what I am interested in hearing. He has said it for years. However, the Democratic field is opening up. The Primary is not, is not for the love of the Goddess, a done deal. The General Election is over a year away, no matter what Chris Matthews and other blowhards would have you believe, NOTHING is settled. Therefore, read, think, talk, demand and prepare yourself to vote.

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