Thursday, June 25, 2015

Silence, Please

Claire Mccaskill, Senator from Missouri, has spent most of her career as a Democrat riding the centrist fence like a crazed Valkyrie from a Wagnerian nightmare.  Currently she is a surrogate for Hillary Clinton, and in that capacity she took it upon herself to pullout one of the oldest insults in the America political playbook by way of embarrassing, humiliating or smearing Bernie Sanders.  She dropped the Socialist bomb, something I thought to hear exclusively from the hysterics on the Right.  The word Socialist is well understood by but a few of us, used as a battering ram by many and equated as equal to the words Satan and evil all too often.  This is how Mccaskill in her moral paralysis used the term. 

That Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in ’16 is a near forgone conclusion.  The Democratic machine has shoved her up our butts and down our throats since 31 seconds after President Obama was reelected in 2012.  However, she must stand a primary.  In all likelihood and as things are now she will face Bernie in that primary.  Tomorrow I will register as a Democrat so that I might vote in that primary for Bernie – I will be happy to write him in if I have to.  It will be little more than a protest vote; I realize that, but protest I shall.  I have registered my displeasure with both Mccaskill and Clinton via Twitter asking for silence, please. No more fear mongering. 

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