Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nothing to Miss

I have been ill for a while and haven’t been online or seen the news.  Today I tuned into MSNBC to find out that Donald Trump, the poster child of the lousy comb-over, is running for president on the Republican, carnival barker ticket; some squirrel who grew up white, thinks she is black and has created a virtual social media storm in that reality T.V. way we love so much after being cashiered from her position as head of the NAACP in Spokane; and one baseball team has hacked the database of another and the American taxpayers are picking up the tab for the investigation of this trivia by a federal agency.  The fact that this crap goes on in a country of overfed, under read, apathetic celebrity junkies isn’t surprising to me.  The fact that corporate owned media thinks this stuff is worth covering ad nauseam demonstrates that I haven't missed a goddamned thing - the same idiots are running around in the circles being chased by the same morons with microphones.  Think I will take a nap.

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