Friday, June 5, 2015

Flukes of the Universe

There are some incredibly preposterous things going on in this country.  These things can only be chalked up to the insatiable hunger of the American people for bogus leadership, insane and imaginary plots and an overwhelming poverty of ideas leading them to believe that the have-nots are engaged in a fierce, well organized and foul scheme to steal from the haves. 

The very definition of preposterous is Rick Perry running for president.  He is under indictment in Texas for, among other things, abuse of power.  I suppose this goof thinks that if he wins – a long-shot indeed – he can be inaugurated before reporting to serve his sentence, move the Oval Office to the slammer just in time to pardon himself. 

A bunch of walnuts known as Judicial Watch, founded by a guy named Larry Klayman, is looking to destroy Obamacare.  I have a prediction that any puffed up ambulance chaser, Klayman, Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy, or any influence peddling politician who guts or repeals the Affordable Care Act had best take their shriveled gentiles in one hand and their rosary, Bible, prayer book or whatever else they use to sell Christ by the pound in the other and head for the darkest cave in the most remote mountain range on this planet.  It is not inconceivable that millions of children will be thrown off the insurance roles under the old preexisting condition rule.  It is also not inconceivable that as many million mothers will come for the aforementioned monsters with blood in their eyes and in the end make Baltimore look like an afternoon tea party at an English country house.

In the dictionary next to the word stumblebum is a picture of Ted Cruz.  He spends his days and nights alternately tripping over his tongue and tripping over his dick.  This week he managed to do both simultaneously – no easy task given that most of the time his head is up his ass.  In any case, he took it upon himself to use Joe Biden as a punch line while speaking before a group of supporters a day or so after the death of the Vice President’s son.  It is a mark of how cruel, vindictive and sadistic this country has become when such things are possible at a gathering of “Christians” and in the sight of their gentle and benevolent Lord, Jesus Christ.   He apologized later, but hell that doesn’t mean much.  Apologies slip off the tongues of ignorant politicians with the easy freedom of barroom propositions off the tongues of Saturday night drunks.

Joe Biden is a grand gentleman, one of the great Liberals of the Senate.  He has seen more tragedy in his life than most.  Yet, he comes out swinging like a good Irishman with a heart of gold, a steady hand, a ready smile and a will to serve – not rule, serve.  Obama has been lucky to have him because he tells the truth, Joe does.  It says a great deal more about a corrupt political class, not to mention a Fourth Estate polluted by arrogance, big money and disinformation that his truth is seen as gaffs or jokes then ever it will say about Joe himself. 

Ted Cruz is not fit to be in the same room with Vice President Joe Biden.  Judicial Watch is an intellectual cesspool founded on the principle that Bill Clinton’s dick was more important than his public policy.  Rick Perry belongs in jail, not the White House.  All in all it seems that the best thing that can be said for any of them was said by National Lampoon many years ago, “You are a fluke of the universe.  You have no right to be here, and whether you can hear it or not the Universe is laughing behind your back.” 

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