Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yackity Yack

This morning, while trying to find out what the BBC was on about with regard to the video of the latest gun outrage being shown all over our media, I caught the gorgeous, but not remarkable for her brainpower, Tamron Hall. She had two guests disguising themselves as experts and talking about - what else - gun control in the wake of a journalist being killed by a gunman. We all know that according to the media - the arrogant, self adsorbed, holier-than-thou media - the death of one of theirs will require more intense scrutiny then say the death of 21 children, but let that go. These guests were tepid on the subject of gun control, while agreeing that only crazy people ever engage in gun violence. Ms. Hall was beautiful, but silent. One of the guests, a toxic looking lump of moldy white bread known to advocate for the Right, made it clear that the NRA has never - never I say - opposed background checks. That particular bit of murderous insensitivity is down to the courts. Ms. Hall was gorgeous but silent and ineffective in the face of this naked lie. This is your MSNBC. Anyone who wishes to can stick it in whatever orifice it fits.

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