Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Dark Tale

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2016 and the shock of having elected the most dangerous, ridiculous and moronic man in history to the highest office in the land is beginning to wear off.  Now we must deal with the dark tale he is producing around his cabinet and assorted hangers-on.  So far in a horrible parity of Snow White he has managed to put forward Sleepy, Ben Carson a proposed pick for HUD Secretary; Goofy, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General; Dopy, Reince Priebus for White House Chief of Staff; and Grumpy, Steven Bannon for Chief Strategist – whatever the fuck that means.

Sleeping together endlessly in a frozen inertia are a media silenced by extortion – held for ransom, limited access to the most powerful man in the world – and sniveling about the diversity of Trump’s cabinet rather than expounding the perilous inexperience of same; along with a public lulled to sleep by apathy and the idiotic belief that if they do nothing or the wrong thing long enough someone better then they – that is to say lacking in all human frailties – will step out of the wilderness to lead them. The Evil Queen – a bastardized version of patriarchal power – sits confident in the knowledge that at least the status quo of hierarchical authority, a facile and tatter beauty, has been maintained in the greed and avarice that sustains class, race and gender privilege.

This is where we are as the end of the year speeds toward us with the sickening knowledge that soon a monster, a con man, a sociopathic narcissist will take possession of the greatest office and bully pulpit in the known universe.  Accordingly, on Thursday some gave thanks for this sorry state of affairs, I suppose.  Some gave thanks for the people who will stand against Trump and his malignant band of dwarfs; people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and other veterans heading to Standing Rock in December to support our First Nation.  Some gave thanks for Social Networking and the Independent Press for as long as they exist until Trump sets net neutrality alight along with Free Speech, the Department of Education, Religious Freedom and so much more to create the greatest conflagration of human and civil rights in the history of our Republic.  Some just slept unable to be awakened by anyone’s kiss – or kick.  They slept peacefully, carelessly and obliviously under the spell of tryptophan with no interest other than afternoon football and a slice of pumpkin pie. 

These are the people we must worry about, I am afraid.  These people who have through profound resignation unquestioningly accepted the bitter fruits of the system and are now in a permanent brain-death sleep.

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